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Qpcard Gråkort Forstør

Qpcard Gråkort


QPcard 101 kalibrerings kort til Grå balance justering i digitale scannere og  kameraer.

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Product Description:

QP Card 101... The easiest, most cost-effective aid for balancing digital images. Even with correctly set and calibrated computers, software and monitors, you must balance a digital image against the monitor. A guaranteed neutral grey surface in the image simplifies balancing. It is complicated to carry around a cumbersome grey card and position it at a suitable place in the subject. In addition, the grey card becomes thumbed, dirty and faded from the light, so that after a while it is no longer neutral grey. QPcard solves these problems. QPcard is small, lightweight and inexpensive. The size of the card is 142mm x 40mm (About 5 1/2" x 1 1/2"). The Qpcard 101 is a strip of paper with white, grey and black colours. The pad of QPcards comes in a protective resealable foil bag that fits easily into a camera case or pocket. The cards have adhesive on the back so that they can be attached to virtually any surface. The grey surface is completely neutral and reflects 18% light. A white and black patch can be used for contrast adjustment. In addition, the card can be used as a dimensional reference. The paper is used to get a 'grey scale reading for reference when colour balancing your monitor using photoshop. Qpcard is also a self-adhesive multi-function reference card for digital images shot by digital cameras or scanned from negatives or slides.